L ananas
I need a little love to ease the pain <-> It's easy to remember when it came
Sometimes life seems complicated.. It isn't always as simple as you would want it to be..
It is incredibly beautiful, and I am so happy to have a chance to live. I am so lucky to be where I am, to be able to do what I do.
To be able to meet such wonderful people.
I am so grateful to every single thing I have encountered, to every single thing I have met in this life, in this incredible journey.
Right now I am having one of those moments when I feel so happy inside, that I want to cry a little bit, but it's the tears of joy. It is the moment when the time stops, and I realise I'm here, on this chair in this room . I realise that I've been keeping myself busy with all the work and studies, the room is messy. But for some reason you want things to stay the way they are. Not because of being lazy, the reason is just that there are things that are not completely the way I want them to be in life, I feel some parts of my life are messy as well, so I need this balance..
I push myself a lot, and this whole thing isn't easy. I've been through a lot.. But I guess no matter what you do and where you are, you always know that things will get better.
This is what I'm hoping for.
I am not in the best position, there are doubts and doubts and all these damn doubts.. they wouldn't leave me alone..
So I decided to keep going, no pressure, just try and do the best of what I have now, move on, and hope, that it will all turn out the way I want it to.

Feeling really grateful right now. It is a good feeling..
Life is never easy, but you gotta love it, it makes you happy if you let it.
When there's a fire someone will have to get burned. But it doesn't kill you. So you can always keep going. It's going to be a long, long way....